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Moxa - Software

IP Surveillance Software
Product Description
SoftNVR-IA - New!
32-channel IP video surveillance software designed for industrial automation
SoftNVR Expandable IP surveillance software for managing up to 64 video channels
SoftDVR Pro Easy-to-use 16-channel IP surveillance software
Vport SDK PLUS User-friendly software development kits for third-party developers to customize their video-over-IP management systems

Automation Software
Product Description
Active OPC Server
Seamlessly connect ioLogik/ioPAC to your SCADA system
DA-Center - New! Ready-to-run data gateway between remote devices and databases
MXIO Library
Effortless Linux I/O Programming with Moxa MXIO library

SNMP OPC Server Software
Product Description
OPC server for integrating SNMP devices into HMI/SCADA systems

Network Management Software
Product Description
MXview - New!
Industrial network management software designed for converged automation networks
MXconfig - New!
A high productivity tool for easy mass configuration and deployment

Free Software
Product Description
PComm Lite Moxa PComm Lite - Serial Comm Development Tool

Embedded Software Platforms and Tools
Product Description
Moxa Device Manager - New!
Unbounded management for Moxa embedded computers

OnCell Management Software
Product Description
OnCell Central Manager - New!
Access your private IP network devices over the Web

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